The Media Ethics And Bias Essay

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Ethics and Bias In this day in age, news is broadcasted over the world. More specifically, there are thousands even millions of reporters capturing or depicting the news as it is. With collaboration of determination and hard work, headlines and other important stories seems to pop up on our television and computers with somewhat of a swift motion. In reality, the content that is created is very difficult to create. Now members of a certain area would question why is it difficult? The reporter’s duty is to tell the story as the story is presented. At no point in time, the reporter should be able to interfere or have a bias on the story. Ethics and Bias play a huge role in the field of journalism. Digital media ethics deals with the distinct ethical problems, practices and norms of digital news media (Ward). What it more specifically questions is how professional journalists should use these tools in the digital media news to create and produce stories (Ward). Journalism is protected by the first amendment in the U.S Constitution but in some cases it is occasionally the journalists stretch the first amendment and many problems arise because of it (Pavlik 299). As any other journalist would do, they need to be very careful if headlines and captions in the stories are accurate and they reflect the crucial points of the story (Pavlik 299). Critics also believe that privacy is violated when journalists put someone on the hot seat when it comes to a story (Pavlik 299). As every…

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