The Media And Female Body Image Essay

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Cheyenne Baker
Position Essay
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The Media and Female Body Image The media is everywhere. Magazines. TV shows. Movies. People are exposed to it on the daily. But, very little attention is given to whom is exposed or what messages are being conveyed. Females, young and old, from the very beginning are exposed to the broadcasting and the sorts. Image upon image of a “perfect” female are constantly drilled into their heads. Everything from “flawless” skin to “proportioned” bodies are scattered across the way and viewed by those of the fairer sex. It causes them to think that their otherwise normal and beautiful bodies do not live up to those standards. Beauty standards created by the media and are streamed out to the female population; girls, teens, and women and is causing them to think negatively and can even lead to cause harm upon themselves, all to recreate the “ideal” body they see plastered everywhere, every day.
Just imagine having a younger sister, maybe you do. Now imagine that one day you are just minding your own business and you over-hear something from her to your mother. You over hear her saying that she’s fat. But you know, for a fact, she isn’t. This isn’t a made-up scene, it happened at my home and is common occurrence in many others. Why did this idea come to be? What could possibly make a young girl think she is fat? There are many answers to those questions but here is one of them. Disney Princesses. Why them though? Well, they are a…

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