Essay The Meaning Of Life And Happiness

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The meaning of life is a question that many people have wondered about since human existence. The life we live should have meaning, but if it does what is that meaning. The meaning of life is most likely not a definition, but a form of life. The meaning of life can be seen as living life a certain way that fulfills the function of life. The overall goal of almost all humans is to be happy and experience love. However, experiencing happiness and love would require a certain way of thinking and looking about the daily routines of life to make the experience of life meaningful. For happiness and love to be considered the goals in shaping the way we live, it is important to define what happiness and love is. Eagleton in the book The Meaning of Life uses Aristotle concept of eudaimonia as “Well-being, as we usually translate his term for happiness, is what we might call a state of soul, which for him involves not just an interior condition of being, but a disposition to behave in certain way” (Eagleton 81). Happiness is a state of well being opposed to the common reference of happiness being a state of mind which is more closely associated with pleasure. Aristotle addresses happiness as way of living life that corresponds to virtue and conduct over their life. On the other hand, Eagleton defines love as a “command to love is purely impersonal: the prototype of it is loving strangers, and not those you desire or admire. It is a practice or way of life, not a state of mind”…

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