Moral Of Frankenstein Essay

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Frankenstein has always been a misinterpreted book by many. Many think this book is boring and others think it’s a book for children. The truth is Frankenstein has a message and a meaning behind the story, and in a way, it represents humanity itself; it’s not only a book but a clear personification of the most miserable and evil of the human being.
Frankenstein is a complicated book, one reason is the way it has been written; the stories are inside of other stories. Frankenstein is basically the letters of captain Robert Walton to his sister, in these letters he tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, and inside Victor’s story, the monster’s story is told.
It all begins when Victor tells Walton the story of his life. He tells him about his
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After, Victor travels to Ingolstadt, England, to continue his studies in medicine in a famous university. There, he meets professor Waldman who teach him all his knowledge. It comes to a point where Victors surpass his professor and wants to go even farther.
Victor has this obsession with creating human life, and discovers the secret. So he decides to give life to a human being by building one with parts of bodies taken from a cemetery. The result is horrible, at the moment Victors sees his creation he runs away.
Clerval, his best friend, arrives at the university the next day and finds Victor sick. He takes care of him all winter and when Victor is getting better he receives a letter telling him the sad news that his little brother, William, has been murdered. Victor returns to Switzerland immediately and walks around where the boy was found. Then, a sudden lightning illuminates the field, and at the distance he sees the figure of a gigantic and horrible man, his
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Victor goes to the laboratory and begins the creation of a female monster, but in the process he thinks about the consequences of a second monster and aborts the experiment, the monster was watching him and he tells Victor: “I’ll be with you on your wedding night”, then he ran away.
Victor receives a letter from Clerval who is tired of Scotland and wants to continue the journey. Victor gets on a boat and throws the part of the new monster in the sea, he sleeps on the boat. When he wakes up, he is in some village. The villagers are angry with him and ask him to go with the judge. A man had been strangulated and the suspect was a lonely man in a boat. The judge shows Victor the body, the man strangulated was Clerval; Victor knew the monster killed him. Victor fells sick and his father goes to help him. Victor recovers with the help of his father and is proved innocent. He returns for his wedding.
The wedding takes place and that night they go to Mont Blanc. Victor is afraid about the monster and tells Elizabeth to stay at the other room to keep her safe. Suddenly a strident scream comes from his wife’s room; the monster had killed his

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