The Great Gatsby Title Meaning

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel that has interesting Characters and is a great book for those who like romance and mysterious. In this novel Some of the characters change at the end of the book. The name of this novel, The Great Gatsby, has different meanings on why it is titled The Great Gatsby. Why did Fitzgerald name this novel The Great Gatsby? All book titles have a meaning to why the book is titled that and usually the title says it all on what the novel is going to be about or what the author is mainly centered towards. Gatsby has a meaning for the title, Fitzgerald must have a meaning to the title also, there is irony on the title, and Mr. Gatsby is reflected to this story. Nick, one of the main characters, tells us his story about Mr.Gatsby. Fitzgerald titled this novel The Great Gatsby because he wants the readers to know who he is aiming his novel towards. In the beginning of the novel, Gatsby is an unknown man who throws parties every weekend in West Egg. Nick, the narrator, wonders also who is this Gatsby and why does everyone talk about him. Nick hears different rumors about who Gatsby is and how he is able …show more content…
Before reading the book, great could mean many things. It could mean that Gatsby is rich and amazing individual or that he did something good. It is after reading the novel the reader is able to understand that the title is ironic and that the themes in the novel help understand the “great” in the character Gatsby. Gatsby’s life was centered on money and carelessness. Fitzgerald tries to show the reader why and how great Gatsby was using irony. For instance, it is ironic that someone that has so much money and fame would still continue working illegal activities and many parties just to find the woman of his dreams that is married and has a child. He does all this for this woman when there is many women who are dying to see him. All this goes towards Gatsby and his true

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