The Matrix Movie Review Essay

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In 1999 an American science fiction film “The Matrix” was written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Joe Pantoliano. The movie foresees a future in which a person’s reality is not what it truly seems, this fake reality is called The Matrix. Neo who is the main character in the movie, is a computer programmer who has trouble with authority and is ignorant to everything. The change in Neo begins when he is ordered to follow the white rabbit by the mysterious messages on his computer. He starts to develop a sense of courage and self-esteem because he has no clue what sort of danger he can be putting himself into. Following the white rabbit Neo was led into a club …show more content…
The agents caused this glitch in the Matrix to get to Neo and Morpheus. Trying to get away from the agents, Morpheus leads the group to a hole in the bathroom that led inside of the buildings wall. As everyone was climbing down the wall and trying to be quiet, one of the guys slipped and debris dropped. Infuriated Agent Smith heard they were inside of the wall, and punched through the bricks grabbing Neo. Morpheus sacrificing his life for Neo broke through the wall and attacked the agent. While, Morpheus was holding down the agent he commanded Trinity to get Neo back to safety. Agent Smith later captured Morpheus and injected him with a liquid that would break into his mind and allow Morpheus to tell him whatever he wanted to know. Trinity, Tank and Neo are all in the lab where Morpheus body is, discussing what the agents are doing to Morpheus. Tank tells Neo how the agents want the codes that Morpheus knows and that the best thing to do is to pull the plug on Morpheus, so the agents do no get the codes. Neo enraged with the idea of killing Morpheus, remembers what the Oracle tells him and insist on going back to save Morpheus, despite what Tank and Trinity are telling him. He tells them that he is not the one but he believes he can bring Morpheus back. Neo is becoming a lot stronger and have more will power. He may not completely believe he is the one just yet but, he is choosing to go back and save Morpheus. What the Oracle told him is happening and it opened his eyes that he would rather have his own death on his hands and not Morpheus, he is less selfish now. Neo is now progressing to being the one that everyone knew he

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