The Mass Incarceration Of African Americans Essay

1745 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Going hand in hand with the mass incarceration of African-Americans is current their disenfranchisement. According to Michelle Alexander, this new Jim Crow has “disenfranchised [more] today than in 1870, the year the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified prohibiting laws that explicitly deny the rights to vote on the basis of race” (Alexander, 2011, p. 180). All but three states have some type of law prohibiting prisoners or even individuals who served their full sentences from voting in elections (Chung, 2015) so with African Americans being the largest group imprisoned, it also makes them the largest group that is disenfranchised. This is one of the major collateral damages that many believe make the drug war not worth fighting anymore. Another, more international, collateral damage is the violence near the US-Mexico border between drug cartels. This violence causes injury and in some cases death to “civilian, military, [and] law enforcement officials” (Lyman, 2013, p. 297) in areas such as El Paso. This type of collateral damage is more warfare-like and could even be prevented by legalizing the drugs the drug cartels are fighting over near the border. In times of war, the laws lay silent. In other words, the United States could take away a religious groups first amendment freedom to practice religion, which essentially happened in Employment Division v Smith. The supreme court of the United States ruled that the “government may prosecute those who use illegal drugs as…

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