Essay on The Masque Of The Red Death

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Till Death Do Us Part Masquerades are supposed to be fun, until a disease kills everyone. The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe is a dark and mysterious story. With the black plague going around, Prince Prospero tries to stay alive so he throws a party and invites his friends to join in. He locks everyone in his castle in hopes that death will not get to him and his friends. Unfortunately him along with all of his friends die. Poe’s short story is one of a kind, it shows strong symbolisms that lead to the overall theme that death will always find who it is looking for. There is no running from destiny, and everyone’s destiny is death. Poe loves to make people think, so he uses a multitude of symbolisms. With each item that he uses to symbolize different objects Poe provides a negative and a positive aspect of it. The hallways suggest a path to the light and a path to the dark. The hallways reveal a sense that even though people are going to die they walk into the bright white light first. The white light implies that you are going to heaven, and will meet Jesus there, and that everything will work out and be joyous. It proves that not all hallways lead to a dark and dangerous place, some lead to a wonderful and delightful place where life is good, and we do not have to worry anymore. That’s the positive way the reader can observe the hallways and the underbelly of what Poe was portraying. However, Poe describes the hallways in a negative way when he states, “The…

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