Personal Narrative: My Failure Of My Family

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When it comes to the dynamics in my family, mine is certainly unique. While divorce was common in countless families while I was growing up; it was not something that my family had ever dealt with. My parents have been legally married for fifty-three years. By most standards these days, a marriage of fifty-three years would be a success; however, my parents separated only five years ago. I think what was most shocking for me to think about, was that I had been through two failed marriages before the separation of my parents. I never had truly accepted my parents as individuals until their marriage failed. I never had looked at them as separate people, they had always been that intact unit, my mom and dad. One might believe that it would …show more content…
When I was a senior in high-school, I fell in love with my first husband, Brian. Nine months after I graduated from high school, at the age of 18, I gave birth to our son, Nicholas. Three years after Nicholas was born, I gave birth to my daughter, Brooklyn. Shortly after Brooklyn was born, Brian and I decided to marry. Unfortunately, it was not long after our marriage, that it became apparent to both of us that we had made the decision to start a family and marriage at way too young of an age. Brian was still living out his childhood and teenage years and could not settle down to live the traditional home life that I was wanted. Our lifestyles were completely different and, although we tried to stay together, it just wasn’t working. We were together a total of nine years before divorcing in 2001. We continued to co-parent our children rather well together until his untimely death in May of …show more content…
This time, I would vow to myself, to never depend on someone else to care for my family. My faith in marriage and love was shattered. I again relied on my paralegal skills and found a wonderful position with a family law firm. Since this time, my life has had many transitions. My two oldest children have moved out on their own and attending college. I am also in school, working full time and living with my youngest daughter, Gracie. Even though my faith in love and marriage has been shattered, I have slowly began to rebuild trust and am in a healthy, loving relationship with a wonderful man. The next steps in my love life, however, will definitely be taken with extreme caution.
Because of my many life experiences with my relationships and divorce, I am able to relate personally to our clients and help them through this extremely stressful and emotional phase in their life. I feel very passionate about my career in family law and have big dreams of attending law school. I am motivated and driven to not let my past define my

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