Essay on The Marriage Of Arranged Marriages

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An arranged marriage is a marriage planned by a third party, such as a family member or a guardian of the bride and groom. This form of marriage is practiced in certain religions and third-world countries. Judaism and Hinduism practice arranged marriages, “Several religions practice arranged marriages. Hindu and Jewish matchmakers abound, for instance” (Burke). Arranged marriages are widely practiced in third-world countries such as India, where “eighty-three percent of marriages in India are arranged”(“Statistic Brain”). Arranged marriages can be forced which is when a third party member coerces the bride and the groom into marriage. The bride and groom do not consent to the marriage, whereas in an arranged marriage they agree to marry the chosen spouse. Forced arranged marriages are decreasing in modern day. Today, it is the bride and groom that decide when they are ready to be married. The parents or guardians will then look for a suitable match for their family member to marry. In most arranged marriages, the two families meet before the wedding to determine if the families and the bride and groom are a suitable match. Either family has the right to cancel the wedding indefinitely if they do not believe the two are a suitable match. Arranged marriages have their benefits and disadvantages and are still a popular practiced form of marriage all over the world. Arranged marriages in third-world countries provided social and familial stability, yet in first-world…

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