The Market Revolution During Early Nineteenth Century America

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The Market Revolution took place in early nineteenth century America. Prompted mainly by the growing interconnectedness of the nation it would cause an expansion of American 's economy. So while it can be said that the Market Revolution does not cause enough change in society to be considered a turning point. The Market Revolution is a clear turning point in the history of America. This can be seen through vast changes in communication, where goods would be produced, and gender roles.

The Market Revolution would mark a turning point in communication technology. Before the Market Revolution the best way of communicating with someone who lived far away was by a letter carried on horseback. This was a long process that would sometimes take months if the letter had to travel over seas. This proved to be too slow of a system were for example a peace treaty would be signed between two countries at war, but it would take so long for the news to reach the front lines that several more battles would have taken place. During the Market Revolution the telegraph was invented. This machine would allow messages to be sent in forms of dots and dashes quickly over long distances, and would cause America to become more connected and increase industrial output.

The production of goods would shift during the Market Revolution from home to factory. This would change how the nation would look at industry, and how they lived their lives. Before goods for the family were produced on…

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