The Manufacturing Firm Located Of Products With A World Class Quality

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The manufacturing firm situated in Japan is a batch producer of products with a world class quality where their operations were fundamentally different from the final stage assembly line. They had reached a point where they had no additional capacity to meet the rising demand. To overcome this inefficiency and to satisfy the growing demand, Dr. Youngman and his team implemented the Theory of Constraints approach into the organization. They used a production simulator among all management units that helped them obtaining a professional planning function which led to good amounts of benefits later on. Theory of constraints style identified several constraints in every production area which was used to build a constraint based Professional Planner that identified an individual set-up along with the machine and job at that time of activity which later became significantly more visual with the help of photographs of each activity.
In the Velocity case study, the underlying issue faced by the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) were that the anticipated number of flying machines around the world was to increase by 10% along with a budget cut of $1.5 billion and a reduction in personnel by 70,000. Their existing aircrafts were already old and heavily used while their maintenance force was young and the operating conditions were becoming extremely harsh and stressful. The organization followed decade old, tried and tested practices which was clearly not the ideal approach to tackle the…

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