The Mandrake Essay

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The Mandrake
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Two main characters and their role in this play
Machiavelli's Mandragola performance has many exciting characters, in my opinion, the character that is captivating in this drama is Messer Nicia. The satire associated with his role kept the entire audience immersed in a barrage of laughter: despite his apparent foolishness and naivety, he was wealthy with an attractive and charming wife. Through the play, Machiavelli has wittingly portrayed the perception that knowledge is power through capturing the simplicity that shows Messer’s gullibility. The other characters in the play continuously trick him despite his affluence. In an illustration, Calimaco conjures up a lie
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Throughout the whole incidence of searching for a young lad, Messer was not aware that Timoteo had disguised himself as Calimaco, and was mindful of the fact that the scoundrel they were to catch was Calimaco. Social commentary underlying the humorous and amusing plot
A central theme that surfaced from this play was fraud as it was orchestrated by every character in this comedy in achieving their objective. The drama makes for fraud as an acceptable means to justify the end. The plot from the beginning showed the trickery by Ligurio and Calimaco on Messer to accomplishing their plan. They took advantage of Nicia’s longing to have an heir, as well as his absurdity. Lucrezia who from the beginning of the plot was perceived as an upright character at the end took advantage of her husband’s foolishness and her position and plans to deceive him about her indiscretion with Calimaco.
Lucrezia innocence as a victim of conspiracy against her
Like Nicia, Lucrezia was also an object of fraud as it were; everyone was conspiring against her from the onset of the play. Nicia led his wife into believing that by drinking the Mandragola potion they would conceive and get an heir. Against her ethical objections, she agreed to it after a strong persuasion by Timoteo and Sostrata who was her mother (Sullivan, 2000). Messer’s mother-in-law who for the most part was oblivious of the fraud should have questioned the legitimacy,

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