The Mandrake Analysis

The Mandrake was established as a dramatic period comedy from the very first line of the play. Beyond the script the genre translated in the design elements, which included the scenic design casting and the overall performances from the actors. All of these elements together created a cohesive theatrical performance.
As patrons entered the theatre, they were given the option to sit anywhere, including down on the floor on either side of the main stage. Little did the audience know those who chose to sit in either of the two rows, and even on the first row of the main sitting area, would become active members during the play. By interacting with audience members, the characters were enhanced and became more relatable. I imagine that each performance
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The entire space was decorated in some way. On the walls surrounding the audience who were sitting in the main seats, were bits and pieces of the Michelangelo’s famous Stone David statue. This helped establish the setting and time period even before the play started. We eventually learn that the Callimaco, who had previously lived in Paris, is now in Florence, which further confirms why David is on the walls. The statue also signals and establishes a certain mood. David is famously nude, which correlates with the story’s main topic of …show more content…
The men characters were all played by women, while the women characters in the play were played by puppets. The puppets were also being controlled by background actors, who were also women. The choice was startling at first, but as the puppets were continuously used, it was interesting to see how the puppeteers translated the emotions through the puppets. I assume that the interpretation of why puppets were used instead of actual actors was intentionally left up to the audience to decide. In my opinion the women were used as pawns in the play, which is why they were symbolized by the puppets. I believe that this creative choice enhanced the story and design of the piece as well.
Balance and repetition played a large part in establishing certain elements of this play. For example balance was seen during one song in particular. During the song, the background actors are seen sweeping and singing. Each actor uses the broom the exact same way, and is also similarly positioned between the columns on the main stage. Repetition was another technique that was used throughout the play. The one that stood out the most was the reaction from the entire cast after the name of the play was mentioned by one of the characters in the

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