Essay on The Mandrake : A Dramatic Period Comedy

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The Mandrake was established as a dramatic period comedy from the very first line of the play. Beyond the script the genre translated in the design elements, which included the scenic design casting and the overall performances from the actors. All of these elements together created a cohesive theatrical performance.
As patrons entered the theatre, they were given the option to sit anywhere, including down on the floor on either side of the main stage. Little did the audience know those who chose to sit in either of the two rows, and even on the first row of the main sitting area, would become active members during the play. By interacting with audience members, the characters were enhanced and became more relatable. I imagine that each performance was a little different each night, because of this added detail.
The raised platform in the center served as the core foundation for the set. It consisted of small stairs and long columns, along with lights that were placed above in order to light the scene. In my opinion the scene was very minimal in design, making it very difficult to understand where some of the scenes were taking place. While the minimalistic details of the scene could have possibly confused some, on the opposing side, the set-up could have made it easier to follow for other audience members. Due to this basic standing design, there was a need to bring in other elements to establish the scenes. This was accomplished through lighting, as well as movement…

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