The Management Of A Business Essay

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The advance of the post-bureaucratic approach has brought about a shift in corporate culture, in particular the change from the bureaucratic hierarchical structure to a flatter management, supported by Fredrickson’s idea of the increasing attention on group needs and human relationships. It is through this advance that contributes to the management of a business’ sustainability, particularly through the transformation of the neoclassical model to the sustainability business model of firms as emphasized by Stubbs and Cocklin (2008).The significance of leaders is drawn upon Wray-Bliss (2007) influencing their role in managing the sustainability of the business in accordance with the internal and external stakeholders, while sustaining a corporate culture that supports the objectives of the business, a concept encapsulated by Elkington’s idea of the ‘triple bottom line’. Through the advance of post-bureaucratic approaches and certain changes within corporate culture, it is evident that management of a business’ sustainability is able to work accordingly with internal factors as noted by Schein (1990), and is demonstrated by corporations such as Google. However there are some external factors that have the ability to hinder the transformation of the neo-classical model of a firm, and thus produce ethical ramifications as portrayed within Enron and their autocratic approaches.

The transformation of the neoclassical model is greatly supported by the advance of post-bureaucracy…

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