The Man Who Would Be King Essay

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The Man Who Would Be King
The Man Who Would Be King is a novel written by Rudyard Kipling in 1888 which was later adapted and filmed by John Huston in 1975. It is an enthusiastic and intriguing tale set in India during the height of the British Empire. In the Huston’s film adaptation of The Man Who Would Be King demonstrate a sarcastic look at British colonialism in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The story consists of British soldiers Peachy Carnehan and Daniel Dravot whose services in the military were no longer needed due to the British government’s successfully gained control of India and the enforcement of their system of indirect rule. They then decided to make a future in becoming kings of a foreign land. This can be seen as a parallel to Britian’s desire to rule over the growing colonized world at that time. Kafiristan, which now known as Afghanistan, was the country in which they attempted to rule over.
There are differences that can be found regarding the content of the novel and the film. In the novel, Peachy shows Kipling Danny’s severed head that still wearing the golden crown. Peachy then leaves carrying the head. The next day Kipling sees him crawling along the white dust of the road at noon, with his hat off and gone crazy. He sang through his nose and turned his head from right to left: “The Son of Man goes forth to war, A golden crown to gain; His blood- red banner Stream afar- Who follows in his train?” (Kipling). Kipling then transferred Danny to the…

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