The Man Who Changed Sports Forever Essay

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The Man Who Changed Sports Forever Jackie Robinson a man from Cairo, Georgia entitles a leader. Robinson growing up in the heart of the south then attended UCLA, receiving a wonderful education and was the first to earn four varsity letters in one year. Robinson also enlisted and served in the army before pursuing his baseball career (Jackie Robinson). A leader is “a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group” ( Robinson entitled every bit of the definition of a leader. Jackie Robinson was a great leader in heading the charge to desegregate sports and “set the stage for the legal and political landmarks of the Civil Rights movement which was to follow” (Jackie Robinson and the integration of Major League baseball) in America by: being the first African American to integrate the major leagues, persevering through the physical and emotional harm brought by opposing citizens, and being regarded as an “athlete hero” in which brought blacks and whites together for a common goal of winning. Robinson left a great legacy in sports and is highly looked upon by people around the world today. Baseball, Americas’ game played a key role in bonding the country after a tragic Civil War. Many people were finding acceptance in the major leagues with the major names like: Joe DiMaggio (Italian) and Hank Greenberg (Jewish). With many different ethnic backgrounds entering the league, people wondered when the first African American would be…

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