Essay about The Man I Am Today By Compassion And Love

1600 Words Dec 13th, 2016 7 Pages
Throughout this semester and ultimately my entire life, I have been shaped into the man I am today by compassion and love. These are the most important ideals that you can impress on another being. In Merton’s Love and Need, Merton touches on the idea of opening yourself up to love and allowing yourself to feel love for another person. In Benedicts Verbum Domini, Benedict takes Merton’s ideas and connects them with a love for God and receiving loves god in turn. Finally, in Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’, he touches on not only love for your fellow human beings but an interconnectedness to nature and affection for that which lives in harmony around us. The Christian ethic that I have fashioned is to truly live you must open yourself up to love, and display your own love for the world around you. This is an ethic of love and we can directly connect this ethic to the case study we have examined about Oil and the Caribou People. Love is one of the most powerful Christian ideas and if we utilize this ethic in our daily lives, we can live in harmony with nature and God. Many teenagers and young adults take for granted the love that is shown to them throughout their lives. Most of us are shown intense love and care from our family and friends and so we believe that everyone shares in that love. There are numerous cases throughout our world where children are not shown the proper amount of love and care and thus grow up jaded and angry. For those of us that have been blessed with a…

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