The Male Superiority Complex, Toxic Masculinity, And Gender Roles

1060 Words Nov 30th, 2015 5 Pages
There are numerous injustices for the genders including: the male superiority complex, toxic masculinity, and gender roles. However these injustices do not only affect women. Men also struggle to fill out the mold that our toxic society has placed on them. Although the cisgendered male struggle is very different than the struggles of other genders, that does not invalidate their struggle. Feminism is truly here to help all genders, and men-- against popular belief-- are not excluded from this. The male superiority complex is a disgusting and toxic mindset. In basic terms, the male superiority complex is the primitive mindset that cisgendered men are inherently better than the other genders. It leads to terrible things such as male entitlement, victim blaming, domestic abuse, etc. Men with this mindset believe that they are entitled to things such as women’s bodies, better jobs and opportunities, more rights, and much more. Some people may argue that there is no possible way that this still exists. However, I am saddened to tell you that it does. Sometime it exposes itself in ways that our society finds normal. Victim blaming is a prime example of this. If a man rapes or abuses a woman, society’s first instinct is to blame the woman. What was the woman wearing? Why was she out so late? Did she act in a presumptuous way? Did she do something to provoke him? These are all commonly asked questions and some of you may think these are all perfectly acceptable. But let me ask…

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