The Major Schools Of Thought Essay

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There are several major schools of thought in psychology; they are structuralism, psychodynamic, behaviorism, evolutionary, and cognitive perspectives. Each of these schools range in areas of the human mind, for example sensation, emotion, the brains computer-like response to their functions, healing the mind with probing of problems and motives, the importance of values and intentions, and the internal representation of the world. Structuralism is the area of psychology that studies the elements of consciousness. Basically, the conscious experience can be broken down into the most basic conscious elements. This can be compared to the way physical phenomenon, which can be viewed as consisting of chemical structures, and then it can be broken down into its basic elements. To break down the normal conscious experience into its basic elements there is a process that one needs to go through, one would use a method called introspection. This process entails a person identifying an object in basic terms, for example referring to a dog as furry, kind, playful, instead of saying the dog is a dog. If the person refers to the subject by its own name (the dog is a dog) it can be referred to as a "stimulus error". In simpler terms, structuralism is used to identify objects and experiences based on perception and not what it actually is. Behaviorism relates to how a person becomes the way they are, through environment and observation. The way a person learns to behave is based on the…

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