The Major Roles Of The American Revolution

The American Revolution was said to be both an elite revolution and a popular revolution for many different reasons. Whenever there is a conflict between two sides, it is usually between the wealthy and the powerful and the average colonists. This was a very unusual revolution that united both sides under a common circumstance, independence from the oppressive and unjust British government. The wealthy and powerful elites felt that their freedoms had been violated and abused by the British rule and the average colonists felt that their government failed to include them in the major decisions that were being made. The ideal government among the American elites and colonists was a limited and transparent government.
This revolution all began
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This group was developed in response the Stamp Act of 1765 and were heavily responsible for starting the boycott of British goods and the resistance of the taxation on tea. These men were not your average colonists and were members of the wealthy class. This is a perfect example of a formed group of powerful wealthy people who would not accept the authority of the British government. They believed in protecting the securities and freedoms of all people by allowing all people and their representatives to speak (Foner 89). This group formulated a document stating that they would not tolerate any taxation on American colonists from the British government. This was all about the sacrifices that were made by the American people to obtain the freedom that they deserved. In the document, which was signed by thousands of people, stated that the taxation act must be repealed and all people or businesses that help benefit the British government must be rejected by the American people. The British government seemed to have taken a precarious attempt to take advantage of the people and faced the consequences for doing so. From my understanding, the American colonists were not backing down and were not going to be bullied by the British. They wanted their entitled freedoms and rights to be protected without the interference of the …show more content…
He was a very strong supporter of the revolution and brought up one argument against the corrupt British government. He wanted to establish a bill for religious freedom because he believed in the separation of church and state and that each religion should support itself without governmental assistance (Foner 105). The idea behind this defense is that we are subjected to our rights and freedoms and they must be respected by the government regardless if they like it or not. The point that Thomas Jefferson was trying to get across was not only to give everyone the freedom to worship who they chose, but rather to allow all people in this country to be entitled to their own opinions or words without the government getting involved. The religious freedom bill just gave his argument a firmer ground to stand on. He states, “if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operations, such act will be an infringement of natural right” (Foner 107). He believes that it is our God-given or natural right to be entitled to the freedom of expression. His goal was make sure that each person was treated equally without being restrained by the

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