The Maintenance Of A Constant Environment Essay

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Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant environment in an organism in response to internal and external stimuli. Organisms must maintain homeostasis to stay alive because stimuli can cause mild to severe effects. Cells require nutrients like oxygen, and a constant temperature. One disruption to homeostasis to homeostasis would be a lack of nutrients like oxygen by increasing the rate of respiration to increase oxygen to the body. Another disruption to homeostasis would be a change in temperature. An organism responds to a decrease in temperature by shivering to produce heat and vasoconstriction in the blood vessels to trap heat. An organism responds to an increase in temperature by vasodilation and sweating to increase heat loss.
Disease is a virus that disrupts homeostasis being non deadly like the cold or deadly like cancer.The disease can be either stationary or spreading an example of both is cancer.Homeostasis is disrupted in cancer because the infected cancer cells multiply uncontrollably,unlike healthy cells that multiply when told to.Cancer cells take away nutrients from the healthy cells and only grow more stacking upon each other creating a tumor,that tumor begins to crush the healthy cells killing the organ destroying the organ systems as well.There are some treatments,but they don’t always work.One treatment is chemotherapy or radiation which helps little by little but hair loss will happen.Treatments like chemotherapy help restore homeostasis by killing…

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