The Main Components Of The Roman Culture Essay

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Pompeii was an ancient roman town. It was destroyed in the eruption of mount Vesuvius in 79 AD . There are many components of the roman culture. a few of them include architecture, mythology, and language. Architecture flourished during the pax romana time. Wealth and increasing population allowed Romans to create new architectural solutions of their own. "The use of vaults and arches, together with a sound knowledge of building materials, enabled them to achieve unprecedented successes in the construction of imposing structures for public use." They made buildings that looked amazing, as well as perform public functions. Roman architecture was often based on roman religion. Innovation began along with the creation* of concrete. Roman architects perfected concrete then used it inside of buildings for support. “Roman concrete was a mixture of lime mortar, sand, water, and stones” ( The framework for the walls were wooden, so concrete was placed inside the frames so the frame would bond to bricks. After the framework had been removed, the wall was strong. “The native language of the Romans was Latin and Its alphabet was based on the Etruscan alphabet” ( Even though Latin was the written language of Rome, Greek was spoken by educated people. It was only after the death of Justinian, that Greek became the official language. Old societies discovered that ideas could be represented by symbols. These symbols could be written…

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