The Main Cause Of War On The Early Modern Era Essays

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Throughout the early modern era there were varied causes for the wars, some more significant than others. Three of the main causes for the wars at this time were power and territory, material wealth, and nationalism. Power and territory influenced the rulers of each country that were trying to expand their nation and power, by gaining more territory. Material wealth was fought over, to expand the resources of the country and to have more personal gain. Nationalism was the third cause of warring in this time period because each nation was fighting for their nation, they each wanted to prove their power and take over others land to expand. The three main causes of war in the early modern era all had connection to each other, some proving to be stronging than other.

In the early modern era many wars occurred and a vast majority of them were to do with power and territory such as the Thirty Years’ War, the Seven Years’ War and many others. The reason being that each nation and their ruler were trying to become more powerful than other nations. They would fight over vast amounts of land to expand their nation beyond what they had, giving them more power. Power and territory being one of the most important causes of war during this time, not only because they wanted to have more land and more power, they desired to fight other countries to expand their religion and their beliefs to others. Religion had always been a large aspect of the start for many wars but it had diminished…

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