Essay about The Magnitude Of Sex Crimes

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1. Define the magnitude of sex crimes in America and the impact of underreporting of these crimes explaining the most likely reasons sex crimes will not be reported.
Rape may be the most heinous of all crimes committed against a human being. The victim may feel that it is their own fault for being sexually assaulted and they may believe that they did something that lead the attacker to commit the offense. At times getting the victim to come forward with the information can be difficult, however, investigators must ensure that every single sexual assault is reported and investigated and what can the police do to make sure this is the case.
The amount of rapes that occur in America is an unknown number because of the fact that some go unreported and the fine line that separates consent and non-consent. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines forcible rape as “the carnal knowledge of a female forcible and against her will” (Hazelwood & Wolbert Burgess, 2001). It is a very uncomfortable situation and victims in some cases sex assault victims do not report the crime because they do not want to relive the ordeal over again by having to explain in detail what happened to investigators. Other identified reasons include: fear of retribution, fear of stigma attached to the assault, fear of being blamed, history of negative outcomes, lack of encouragement, and fear of psychological consequences (Hazelwood & Wolbert Burgess, 2001).
National research indicates that most…

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