Essay on The Magical Writer Of The Wizarding World

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The Magical Writer of the Wizarding World Harry Potter a great story for people through the decades that will never get old. That teaches important lessons to kids and adults on important topics in peoples lifes. By looking at Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone you can see that J.K Rowling includes the themes of friendship and loss due to the influential people she has encountered in her life. J.K Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 at Yate General Hospital in England. She was raised by her two parents and bounced around from school to school around England. The First school she attended was St. Michaels Primary School in Gloucestershire. She was often teased/bullied like most kids being called “Rowling Pin” starting from the early age of nine. When she was about nine years old she moved to Cheptsow right on the border of England and Whales. Her Parents moved out to the hellish country side to fulfill their dreams of moving out of big city London. From a young age Rowling had a knack for writing her first story was Rabbit which she wrote at age six. Rowling a very ambitious child remembers telling her mom that they should go and get it published after the praise her mother gave to her. She was a very avid reader where she was reading herself or her dad was reading to her she was always into something. Rowling went to Exter University in France to earn a French and classics degree. Her first job out of college was for Amnesty International a charity. After changing…

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