The Lost History Of Christianity Essay

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History is one of the most important aspects of life. History assists us in understanding change and guides us to make the best decisions for our future by learning from our past experiences. I am a firm believer that history gives us insight on why things are the way they have become today. People, places, and events in history have shaped the world today and continues to do so as the years progress. Philip Jenkins is a religion scholar who views our world through a strong religious and historical perspective. Jenkins finds treasure in understanding Christianity’s past and he believes that by understanding its past, we can begin to understand its future. Philip Jenkins’ revolutionary book, The Lost History of Christianity portrays the importance of lost Christian history and the forgotten Christian churches around the world, predominately those east of the Roman Empire. He describes this time of many churches and Christian nations, its existence and end as the Thousand Year Golden Age. Although I found the whole book to be intriguing, chapter six titled “Ghosts of a Faith” really stood out to me and made me think critically about religion in the world today. The second sentence in this chapter made a lot of sense to me and it said, “When religions fade and die, they leave behind them remnants that are incorporated into the newly dominant culture, and that is especially true when faiths decline gradually over a period of generations or centuries” (Jenkins, 2008). This…

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