The Loss Of Biodiversity On Non Native Species Essay

811 Words Nov 16th, 2016 4 Pages
The loss of biodiversity is a direct reflection of the actions of the human race. Non-native invasive species, plants and animals alike are causing a drastic shift in the ecosystem and while these foreign aliens thrive they are consequently killing native species in the surrounding areas. While humans take most of the blame, other factors such as weather also play a role in the relocation of certain species; the natural occurrence of relocation is why it is crucial that the human race stop aiding in the spread on non-native species that is killing the environment. Non-native invasive species are thriving in foreign environments while killing native species in the surrounding area. Species relocation is often times to blame from humans interacting with ecosystems in a negative way, however is also a natural occurrence which is why in order to preserve our ecosystems, humans must eliminate their role in the transportation of non-native species to new ecosystems. According to the research done in an article written in the Tampa Bay times it suggests that natural occurrences “such as the big winds of 2004 which dispersed the seeds of the non-native Brazilian pepper” (R.Hall) caused those plants to thrive in their newly introduced environment due to the local plant and animal life not finding them as a natural food selection, the plant therefore was able to prosper and overtake the area. However, an example of human involvement which led to the introduction of foreign plants to…

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