The Loss Of A Seal Essay

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The most important theme in both Earl and Listen is loss and grief. In Earl, the loss of a seal is the main attraction and the human uses purpose and deceit to show the unavoidable loss. In Listen, the dog searched for the snow ball that his owner threw. The snowball was seen breaking apart and scattering with the other snow, but the dog did not understand what was going on, why was the ball no longer there? Any kind of loss is an unfortunate part of life which causes the person or animal who is experiencing the loss to try to process all of it in their own way and all the while be slightly confused, trying to figure out why it happens at all.
Earl, written by Louis Jenkins is a poem about people watching seals that are encircled by a killer orca whale. The seals are “killed one after another by the orca” (3-4). In the town of Sitka, “every seal is named Earl” (2-3). As the people watch the orca whale eat the seals, the seals are, “tossed left and right into the air” (5-6). The people watching are happy when they see “the same friendly, bewhiskered face bobs to the surface” (8-9). That meant that the orca whale did not eat Earl. We as humans, try to put bad things that we see in the back of our minds. We do not want to face the obvious, even when it is right in front of our face.
Listen, written by Miller Williams shows a different side of loss than the poem, Earl, written by Louis Jenkins. In the poem Listen, a woman is seen playing in the snow with her dog in the…

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