The Longmeadow Homeowners Association : Summary Rules Violation Process And Fines

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Our basic rights and obligations as Longmeadow residential condominium owners are set forth in the Master Deed/Bylaws, which each member accepted upon purchasing property in Longmeadow. Article V, Section 2 of the Master Deed/Bylaws grant the Longmeadow Board of Directors authorization to enforce the Master Deed/Bylaws and Rules and Regulations duly enacted by the Board of Directors.

To the degree that we as residential condominium owners observe these obligations, our living together in Longmeadow will be harmonious. Members of the Longmeadow Homeowners Association will be able to enjoy peaceful coexisting and can reasonably expect that the value of their property will be enhanced. Non-compliance on our parts, will, in all likelihood, lead to the opposite results.

The Longmeadow Master Deed/Bylaws and Rules and Regulations delineate use of the property and conduct of persons and apply to each member, (tenant) of any member, their respective families and guests, employees, contractors, agents, or any guest or invitee of any member (or tenant) of any member.

The following rules enforcement process will be followed:

Confirming a Violation

The Longmeadow Board of Directors is authorized to enforce the rules as outlined in the Master Deed/Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.
Any member or Board member may initiate a perceived violation. This is done with a written notice describing the…

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