The Logistics Behind Rolling Out The Devices For Blended Learning

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The logistics behind rolling out the devices to be used in blended learning is also an important topic for consideration (Sykes et al., 2014). Devices for blended learning can be rolled out based on the design of the program in place at the school level. Does the model of instruction at the school level call for devices to be stored at school or is the model designed around student access to the devices for use at home (Sykes et al., 2014)? What methods will be used to inform parents and students of device use expectations (Sykes et al., 2014)? The ability of students to download software of various forms and to store software or files is vital for consideration (Sykes et al., 2014). The level of access that is available to students at home is another important topic, as this will establish the ability to set expectations away from the school environment (Sykes et al., 2014). With a shift away from traditional “factory-model” school design and toward a blended model of learning, the physical design of a school becomes an important topic of consideration (Horn & Staker, 2015; Sykes et al., 2014). The renovation of physical space often comes down to available funds and how an existing structure can be redesigned to best adapt to blended learning. This needs to be considered, since in many cases funds are often not available to make major building shifts or build with blended learning in mind (Horn & Staker, 2015; Sykes et al., 2014). Some important considerations when…

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