The Lives of All the People in Stasiland Are Shaped by the Wall

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“The lives of all the people in Stasiland are shaped by the wall.”

In Berlin, the Iron Curtain had many purposes. It was there to protect, to separate and to enforce a way of life for East Berliners. Firstly, The Wall gave meaning to people’s lives in different ways. It defined where they were to go, who they were to see and who they were to be. For the countless Stasi and informers, it gave them a purpose and an importance in society, and after The Wall came down, that purpose was lost and yearned for. Secondly, The Wall and the controlling ways of the Stasi loomed over the lives of East Berliners, and its implementation was just one of many extreme measures to minimalise Capitalism and encourage Communism. Thirdly, although The Wall
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The Stasi were against wasteful industries and practices that existed only to generate profit. The wall was an attempt to ebb Capitalism, to separate and protect East Berliners from what the Stasi saw as a poisonous economic design. The wall was also constructed to force Communism upon East Berliners, and eradicate Imperialism from the GDR. The idea of central command and control of the state was favoured by the Stasi. The wall assisted this idea as, by knowing the profiles and whereabouts of each citizen, the Stasi would be able to control and treat each citizen as equals. Funder examines the notion that power corrupts, and the power of the Stasi is misused by preying on citizens unnecessarily, with vile mistreatment. Eventually the pressure within the GDR becomes too much to control. “It was an experiment, and it failed.” The Stasi effectively suffocated people through extreme techniques such as smell samples, where Stasi informers would trespass and collect articles of clothing, keeping them in jars. In theory, all citizens had “their own identifying odor, which [they] leave on everything [they] touch”. The Stasi would then use sniffer dogs to trace people, and map out their actions. Effectively, all citizens were treated as suspicious, and were kept under extreme surveillance The Stasi eventually went so far as to “use radiation to mark people and objects

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