The Literary Works Of Washington Irving Essay

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The Literary Devices of Early American Fiction Writers
The literary works of Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe have shaped American fiction throughout history. The innovative use of different writing styles, literary themes, and forms in each of their works have contributed greatly to today’s genres. Writing style is defined in Writing About American Literature as “a distinctive manner of expression; each author’s style is expressed through his or her diction, rhythm, imagery, and so on” (cite). Irving, Hawthorne, and Poe each use their own distinctive writing styles to provide insight about a topic communicated in a work, or theme. They then display their styles and themes using various forms. By analyzing these key components, several connections can be made between the works of Irving, Hawthorne, and Poe. To begin, we will analyze the literary work of Washington Irving.
The writing styles, themes, and forms used by Washington Irving can be found by analyzing his classic tale, Rip Van Winkle. This short story published in 1819 after the Revolutionary War tells about a bearded man who fell asleep in the woods one day and woke up twenty years later. In the opening of the story alone, the reader is bombarded with imagery, a stylistic technique that Irving often uses. The protagonist of the story (Rip) begins by describing how the Catskill Mountains are used as a natural barometer to the surrounding villages. He says that “When the weather is fair…

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