Essay The Literary Genius Of Edgar Allan Poe

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“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” (Modern Library, pg. 649) Edgar Allan Poe was American writer, critic and editor who is famous for his tales and poems of horror and mystery, including “The Raven.” Being the master of horror during his time and the influence of many writers after him, came from truly humble beginnings and climbed his way to the top to become the literary genius that people know and students are made to study to this day.
On January 19, 1809, actors Elizabeth and David Poe embarked on their greatest but short lived performance, becoming parents to Edgar Allan Poe. (Sova, pg. 3) When he was born, they already had one son named Henry and later had a daughter named Rosalie. William Henry Poe was born in 1807 and passed in 1831 while Rosalie was born in 1810 and outlived both her brothers and died in 1874. Before any of their children were born, Elizabeth and David found love on and off the stage, both starting to act at a young age. Mr. Poe himself was casted in over 137 roles during his on stage career. At the time of his birth, the family lived in Boston, Massachusetts, but due to the career of his parents, they ended up moving a lot. (Quinn) At 5 months, Poe’s parents sent him to Baltimore to live with his grandparents while they were on tour with their acting company. (Jackson and Thomas). Due to unknown reasons, David Poe left the family in 1811, leaving Elizabeth to care for her three young…

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