The Link Music Between The Baroque And Classical Eras Essay

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The Link—Music between the Baroque and Classical Eras
In the early to mid-18th Century, instrumental music was becoming the most popular form of music. One prominent and revolutionary composer during this time was Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach (called “CPE” Bach). His music provides insight into what happened during the transition between the Baroque and the Classical era. His compositions written in the sensitive style inspired the next generation of composers, including Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. CPE Bach’s legacy was in that his music and philosophies helped to provide the stylistic link between the Baroque and Classical periods.
The German term “empfindsamer Stil”, or sensitive style, intended to create a new aesthetic in music. The aesthetic, or artistic beauty, sought to portray all the colorful shades of human emotion. In the Baroque era, music expressed one main musical idea. If a musical work was happy, sad, celebratory, or reverent, that one mood was unbroken throughout the entire composition. In contrast, the Classical period was characterized by the sensitive style and was known for its quick changes of character and mood. As an alternative to the Baroque’s elegance and balance, Classical composers like CPE Bach strived for passion in order to affect the performer and the listener.
CPE Bach was a German Classical/Pre-Classical period composer. He was born in 1714 and was the second eldest son of J.S. Bach and Maria Barbara Bach. Not only was he born into a…

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