Essay on The Lines Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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In Between the Lines of Hamlet A symbol is an object or objects that represent another thing . Writers often use symbols to make the reader read in between the lines to find a certain feeling or a symbolic meaning. Throughout this play you must think about certain aspects to really understand the mood or feelings that are happening. The symbols in William Shakespear 's Hamlet, provide inside thought to contribute to the overall play. Hamlets clothing changes, Ophelia 's flowers, and Yorick 's Skull all supply deeper meanings. After the death of King Hamlet everybody wore dark clothing to represent how the mood was so down. Prince Hamlet 's very dark clothing choices at the beginning of the play is very symbolic because it brings on the mood that he is feeling. Hamlet wears all back outfits because he is still mourning the death of his father and because he can 't believe that his mother would move on and marry King Hamlets brother Claudius and have no guilt at all for moving on so quickly. It is also noticed that Hamlet may be the only one still upset about his father 's death and that everybody else is to worried about how amazing the upcoming wedding is. Queen Gertrude tries to tell Hamlet to just be happy and stop wearing the black outfits. She explains that he cannot live his life upset about his father 's death because what lives must always die.
Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted color off,
And let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark.
Do not forever with…

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