The Line Between Reality and Fantasy (a Streetcar Named Desire Essay)

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The Line Between Reality and Fantasy In the play A Streetcar Named Desire (ASND) by Tennessee Williams, one of the big themes from the play is the theme of illusion. Stella, Stanley, and Blanche allow illusion to shape and control their lives because they all see it as the best way towards happiness. Blanche’s life is an illusion because she wants to believe that she is still young, beautiful, and innocent while trying to hide from her past. While the role that illusion plays in Stella’s life is the fact that while she can see that her marriage is far from perfect, she acts like nothing is wrong just to keep herself from not having the family she would like. Stanley’s illusion is his delusion between love and desire, and not being …show more content…
She had not resigned due to her nerves as she had led everyone to believe when she first arrived in New Orleans and set up her illusion of being a southern beauty who had just gone through some rough times (100-101). Blanche also bathes frequently to “cleanse” herself so to say, of all of the things that have haunted her in the past. Her uncontrolled drinking just helps her fall into her illusion as it makes everything easier to believe. This has all shown how big of a role illusion plays in the life of Blanche DuBois in ASND by shaping how she decides to live her life and the way that she presents herself to others around her. Illusion is as prevalent in the life of Stanley as it is in the life of Blanche, it is just not as noticeable. First of all, Stanley seems not to know the difference between love and desire and talks about the two like they are the same thing. When he is trying to comfort Stella after he upset her and Blanche by exposing Blanche’s lies to Mitch, he tells Stella “Stell, its gonna be all right after she goes and you’ve had the baby….God, honey, it’s gonna be sweet when when we can make noise in the night the way we used to” (108-109). This seems to be the only thing that Stanley cares about and his definition of love between a man and a woman. He should be

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