The Lighthouse By Virginia Woolf Essay

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Virginia Woolf was a female writer in a patriarchal society. Through her writings she raises issues of gender roles, and challenges the role of a Victorian women faced. Woolf was not only a supporter of the female gender but also had an influence on Feminism. She did this through her writings, in which she exposed woman’s experience, personal conflict, opinions, and feelings during this era. The ideas of women, their role, and individuality is especially clear in her Novel “To The Lighthouse”, where the major theme is the issue of gender roles. The “To the Lighthouse” was published in 1927 and, centers on the period before and after World War I. Wolff uses two very different female characters of Mrs. Ramsay, and Lily Briscoe, allowing readers to get insight of woman’s roles and how they were portrayed in such a male dominated society.
Mrs. Ramsay portrayed as beautiful and loving woman, upper middle class Victorian wife and a mother of eight children. Mrs. Ramsay acts as the conventional domesticated wife according to the Victorian values and chooses to live her life in this traditional way. Her life revolves around serving her husband, children, and a hostess, especially to men. Mrs. Ramsay appears to consider a being a wife a full time job and her main responsibility is to her husband. “There was nobody whom she reverenced as she reverenced him.”(p. 441) The author emphasizes a rebellion of traditional female gender role through the character of Lily Briscoe, where she…

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