The Life Of Solitude By Kate Chopin Essay

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The Life of Solitude
To many, loneliness, and solitude could be considered synonyms; however, when looked at closely, they are actually quite the opposite. Loneliness can be described as “a painful negative state where we feel alone, and cut off and estranged from other people” (“loneliness”). On the other hand, solitude can be described as, “a positive state where we are perfectly happy to be by ourselves, relish and enjoy our own company” (“solitude”). While both words similarly describe a person’s physical state of being alone, the emotional response behind each word is drastically different. In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and Haruki Murakami’s “Tony Takitani”, loneliness and solitude are significant in each story and play an important role in the character development of Mrs. Mallard and Tony Takitani.
In “The Story of an Hour”, Mrs. Mallard gets a taste of freedom when she is told that her husband, Brently Mallard, has died in a railroad accident. At first, like anyone would, she was hit with a storm of grief. As anticipated by her sister, Josephine, it was a lot for her to handle all at once. Mrs. Mallard made her way to her bedroom once the news was delivered. She began looking through the window at life, perhaps through a completely different perspective, as what she was seeing seemed invigorating and rejuvenating. It appeared as if she was seeing the world in a different, more hopeful, positive light. She began to utter the word “free” in repetition as if…

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