Essay The Life Of Sherlock Holmes By Sir Arthur Conan

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When we hear the name Sherlock Holmes, many people automatically think of the greatest detective known to man. However, in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Scandal in Bohemia” this is not the case. A woman by the name of Irene Adler is introduced or better known as the woman to Sherlock. Towards the end of the story Sherlock Holmes finds a letter that was left for him by Irene. The letter itself is a symbol for what had previously just happened throughout the entire story, and exemplifies a major role reversal. In this passage, Irene’s overwhelming confidence implies that she is a better detective than Sherlock Holmes.
Throughout the text Irene is constantly one step ahead of Sherlock. It starts out with the King coming to Sherlock requesting him to recover a photo of him and Irene that could potentially ruin his current engagement. Sherlock devises a plan in which he is sure is foolproof, and goes about the Kings request. One major advantage that she has over Sherlock is her prior training as an actress, which only betters herself as detective. In the original passage of Irene’s letter she even includes “I have been trained as an actress myself” (Doyle III). The diction Irene uses in this when she says “myself” proves her confidence. She does this as a symbolic “slap in the face” proclaiming she too, is well trained. Her training and confidence is something that seriously hinders Sherlock throughout the story. Not only does she have an upper hand in disguising herself from…

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