Essay on The Life Of Ram One Of Vishnu 's 10 Avatars

1956 Words Oct 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Matthew Barry
Professor Rabbi Yosef Zylberberg
CLWR 1810
20 October 2016
The Life of Rama: One of Vishnu’s 10 Avatars Hinduism is a complex and rich religion. Hinduism incorporates a wide variety of gods, all of which respectively symbolize an important factor in the life of Hindus. This essay, will focus on one specific avatar of particular importance, Rama. Stemming from the God Vishnu, Rama is “one of the most worshipped Hindu deities…” (Rama). The focus of this essay will serve to illuminate and convey informative aspects relating to the life of Rama; his adventures as well as journey as related in the Ramayana – the entitled story of Rama. Substantive milestones will shed light upon, how he has become a popular figure in Hinduism and his dedication of fulfilling the dharma - which was the compelling spiritual obligation of his life. Rama is regarded and held up as, “the most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue” (5 Key Aspects) within the Hindu religion. In order to have an appreciative understanding of Rama, one must gain a sense of what Hinduism positions and structures for a belief system along with relevance of same.
To that point, within Hinduism there are many Gods or Deities that are worshipped. However, there are three Gods in particular that when combined as a focus are known as the Trimurti or the highest Gods of Hinduism. These three Gods are known by name as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and are further associated with what is referred to as the cosmic…

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