Essay about The Life Of My Adult Life

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For most of my adult life, no one has questioned my choice in romantic partners. This is because I have dated almost exclusively white, cisgendered men, or men whose self-identified gender correlates with the sex they were assigned at birth, and am a white, cisgendered woman myself (Thomas, June 13). I grew up never questioning the normalcy of this sort of coupling, as it was a mimicking of the images from the media I had been with bombarded with as a child. By the age of seven I had already been sold on the idea of falling in love with a man, marrying him, and raising a large family. As I grew older this ideal slowly began to collapse, firstly with a rejection of marriage and secondly with a rejection of having children. The final blow to the dream of the perfect, nuclear family came earlier this year when I began dating a trans woman. Until I met my girlfriend, I had always considered myself to be “bisexual in theory, heterosexual in practice.” I realize now that this was an explanation I gave in order to suggest nonconformity but, simultaneously, reassure everyone of my “actual,” non-deviant sexuality. Once I came to identify as bisexual “in practice” as well, I became aware of the reality of belonging to a group whose sexuality is marginalized. Since making my relationship public, I have encountered a number of responses and reactions which differ drastically from those I received when I dating cisgendered men. From a few older women, for example, I have been told…

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