Passionate Love Or Successful Relationships

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No matter how much a man and a woman love each other they will find problems throughout their relationship, There are two stages of love most couples go through. Passionate love and companionate love. Passionate love happens at the beginning of a relationship, Companionate love occurs when you become attached to your partner. We also need to understand that lack of communication is a big factor in why most couples don 't workout. There are couples who seek for help and others who deal with the situation on their own. A healthy relationship is like “The Notebook.” by Nicholas Sparks. An unhealthy relationship is like “ The Perfect Guy.” by Alan B. McElroy.The purpose is to analyze the factors that make a healthy/successful relationship and a …show more content…
McElroy. Leah Vaughn is a successful lobbyist who is in a unhappy relationship with her boyfriend Dave king. He is not ready to commit to her wishes of starting a family and causing them to break up. Leah vaughn needed time and space from Dave king. She meets this guy named Carter Duncan who also works for another company he is handsome and he knows how to charm her, he is respectful and they both had the exact same goals to start a family. and that made them attracted to one another, he is to good to be true. They began dating and grew very close and he won the hearts of her family and friends. Leah vaughn only knew a little about Carter duncan because she thought he was the perfect guy till this one man came up to talk to her and he acted in an aggressive manner and beat the man up. Leaving her scared and wondering do I even know this guy, Carter did not apologize for his actions because he did not think he had to. Leah broke up with Carter after this night. He began to stalk her, he would leave numerous phone calls, flowers, he broke into her house with her spare key, hacking into her computer and touching her belongings. He becomes obsessed because he can 't have her, and she wants absolutely nothing to do with him and he just wants another chance. Leah feels watched, scared and …show more content…
They both want a family and nothing about there past was ever spoken just about the present. Carter stalking her only gives her more reasons to push away, Carter gets upset and starts harming her emotionally. Carter ends up beating her because she got back together with Dave king. Carter said, If i can 't have you nobody else can. this relationship would have never worked. Leah wanted out before this even started and that is a good thing.
Lastly couples who are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship and they want to fix their problems they can always seek for professional help it doesn’t hurt hearing the truth about one another from someone else 's point of view because then you can see the positives and negative things you both need to

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