The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Ann Jacobs Essay

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America, the land of the free, yet many innocent African Americans were seen as inferior beings and were therefore made slaves and were put to work in plantations in the slaveholding South. Even after aiding in the American Revolution, the majority of African Americans were denied of this so called freedom as well as their natural rights. Since conditions in the North and the South were very different, their usage of slaves differed. The North had no use of slaves due to the lack of farming because of the cold climate. The South however, saw a huge use of slaves since the farming conditions were better than the North, therefore having a high demand of slaves to work in plantations. The owners of the plantations would treat their slaves poorly and punished them cruelly. In Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Ann Jacobs, who goes by the pen name of Linda Brent, tells her story about the hardships that she faced in her life while being a slave and how she pushed through her obstacles eventually becoming a freed slave in the North.
Life for Harriet Jacobs and the other slaves was filled with physical and psychological abuse. Since slaves were seen as inferior beings, the slaveowners would constantly abuse and deny their human rights. Jacobs was a lucky slave since she did not have to go through many beatings or any lashes. Other slaves would have wished to be in the position of Jacobs. While she may not have gotten punished by her master, she would witness many…

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