Essay on The Life Changer : Chris Mccandless

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The Life Changer Chris McCandless was born on February 12, 1968 in el Segundo California. His parents Walt and Wilhelma had a very strange way of living life. Walt had children from his first marriage and they were also living in California when Chris and Carine were born. Chris’s father was married and yet still had sexual intercorses with who there mother is today.Chris never found out about any of this until later in his life.Once McCandless . One lives in a world full of lies and deception, Because the truth hurts. People seem to believe lies like there nothing but when one is blatantly honest and it 's not what they wanna hear they convince themselves it 's a lie. Life doesn 't stop for anybody. The sooner you accept the reality of whatever situation you may be in the happier you will be. McCandless found this out he became so frustrated that it led him to think that his whole life was a lie. Chris McCandless was a very good student with average grades and also a very good runner leading his team of cross country runners. Chris was a very strong willed and stubborn child.McCandless graduated from High School in 1986, shortly after mcCandless took off on a solo adventure for the summer arriving two days before he had to start college.When McCandless finished college shortly after graduating he gave all of his remaining money from his education fund to Oxfam. Chris then left from his home to embark on his adventure. Mccandless replaced his name with “Alexander…

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