The Liberation Of The Peon Essay

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1. How does Diego Rivera’s mural, Liberation of the Peon express social realism and communicate a national identity to the public Refer to Blackboard Study Guides for image of mural)?

Diego Rivera’s Liberation of the Peon painting expresses deterioration of a country and its people. The painting has a soothing, but yet strong colors in it that details the historical events of the time period. The Liberation of the Peon painting expresses slavery, adjustments, and evolution.
Slavery can be demonstrated in Diego Rivera’s painting. John Lynch makes a strong point in his article called New Haven. He goes on to state that “’Men are born with equal rights to share the benefits of society,’ he observed but obviously they do not possess equal talents, virtue, intelligence, and strength” (285). If it is true that every human is born with the same rights, then why the Indian does seems to be tied up to a horse? It can only be understood that the Indian was in fact a slave. The slash cuts in his body tends to demonstrate a strong image of brutality where the Indian was whipped multiple times and captured by many men. It might even look like the Indian has been beaten to death as the Peon’s are slashing the cord that hold its wrists in order to take care either of him or her. The knife that the Peon is holding and slashing through the cords can be viewed as a freedom symbol. The freedom where they are sharing their thoughts, feelings, and happiness’s with the captured Indian.

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