Essay about The Liability Of Public Executives

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Hildreth, W., J. Miller, G., & Rabin, J. (1980). The Liability of Public Executives: Implications for Practice in Personnel Administration. Review of Public Personnel Administration 1, Fall. Bartley Hildreth, author of this article, holds a B.A. Political Science from University of Alabama, M.P.A. from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Ph.D from University of Georgia. When this article was published in 1980, Hildreth had just completed his Ph.D. In this paper, I summarize the article and offer comments about selected aspects, identify any relevant changes that have occurred since the article was published and suggest areas where additional research findings would assist in understanding the liabilities of Public executives in current areas.
Hildreth (1980)described recent (at the time of publication) liability pitfalls of personnel administrators and recommendations to avoid potential liability risks. Hildreth (1980) emphasizes that the personnel administrators need to be knowledgeable of liability case law. In order to prevent liability cases, personnel management should promote practices and policies that aim at liability suits prevention. Hildreth (1980) outlined a systematic innovation, which includes, (1) the adoption of updated, comprehensive systems of rule and regulations, (2) new, improved and on-going training programs, and (3) effective monitoring methods.
Court actions have identified liability in two forms, personal and official. Personal liability of…

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