The Lgbt Rights Of Lgbt Essay

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Introduction: The Advocate is a LGBT (Lesbians, gay, bisexuals, and transgender) of up-to-date news, rights, politics, and entertainment on the whole community. It has been much controversial about the LGBT on the rights of transgender. The question to ponder on should transgender male-to-female or female-to-male have the equality as heterosexuals do in restrooms?
The Mayor of Nashville has made plenty of pleas of making a new bill for transgender to use the restrooms of the gender on their birth certificate. In similar states, North Carolina and Mississippi they passed similar laws about bathroom. The negativity was more harm than happiness. She spoke on the values of the citizens and with this bill it would cost 50+ million because of conventions not leaving Nashville. Do you think money is the important issue that morality of citizens? I would further investigate the options of the citizens, the mayor, and the legislator on the equality of transgender.
Many rights about the LGBT has been fought for some time now. They have been bullied, raped, and discriminated against then and it’s still current today. First of all people should understand so much have change for many years on equality rights and every state is different. Personally, I feel the observations they are having about any man can dress up like a woman and still be able to come in a woman restroom, when they should come to a man restroom of their sex because of the risk of…

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