Essay about The Legalization Of Stem Cell Research

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Legalization of stem cell research
Cells are the building blocks of all living organisms. Human bodies contain billions of different types of cells including skin cells, muscle cells, bone cells, and brain cells. Most of the cells in the human body are specialized and designed to perform specific functions within s particular part of the body. Once human cells die, they are irreplaceable and too much death of cells causes damage of their origin body part. However, certain cells of the body contain specialized characteristic in that they can repair after moderated damages. These cells, the stem cells, are found in places such as the bone marrow, the brain, liver, and skin and they are capable of renewing themselves through cell division, (Kadota, 1209).
Embryonic stem cells that originate from the embryos of unborn human beings are in the heart of the debate whether to legalize stem cells research or not. Embryonic cells used in research are barely one week old, and they are of minute size. The controversy of whether this research should be legalized is twofold. First, these cells are similar to clay and capable of being formed into different and many forms, (Ying, 519). Thus, these cells can be grown to form new organs for sick individuals, and they can heal several types of diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, or Alzheimer disease. On the other hand, once the embryo cells have been removed from the embryo, the embryo eventually dies. Although, people against stem cell…

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